Former West Virginia governor and congressman Bob Wise was on the show several years ago.He said something I believe we may have forgotten.While his numbers may be off somewhat, he said Republicans and Democrats will agree on some 80-85% of issues.The other 15% are divided along partisan lines with compromise or resolution unlikely.I can live with that.

It sure doesn’t seem that way in Washington these days.It may not seem that way in Tallahassee or Viera or your town.That has inspired Florida Today to move forward with a civility initiative that will bring together Republicans and Democrats, the right and the left, to have discussions on important issues we face in Brevard, Florida and across the country.The nastiness on social media contributes to the idea that we can’t tolerate each other, much less have a discussion about issues.

Last Thursday on BML I brought up the idea of the event and that it could be a solution to the dumpster fire that is the political discussion.Politics was said to be the art of compromise.Apparently that is no more.Or at least my limited sample of comments and callers had me thinking so.They indicated there was no reason to go to such an event for the left never compromises and any compromise is a loss for the right.They may be correct, but if you don’t have the conversation will it ever change?

I understand the passion and frustration.It takes leaders to forge change.We can either lead or be left behind because we failed to engage.Having the conversation does not mean we must compromise.Having the conversation means we are willing to talk and listen in order to see exactly where we are and what change may be made.We can be players or we can be spectators.

Taking your toys and going home won’t lead to a win in the game.In fact, it means you aren’t playing.So engage and be in the lead or sit down and shut up.If we can’t be part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

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