Over the Rainbow

The November election provided the fuel that feeds the dumpster fire that is communication with one Brevard County Commissioner. Bryan Lober is a young attorney who finds himself in a position above his life experience. As such, the commission Vice Chair is repeatedly engaging inappropriately with constituents and the media with no concerns for the long term consequences or credibility. What is it that life experience comes from? Oh, yeah, it’s bad decisions. Maybe he’s more prepared next run.

As we talk conversations FoxNews is hiring Donna Brazile, the former mainstream journalist who, as head of the DNC, cheated in debate prep during the last campaign season. Apparently there are democrats in the Fox who want to from someone like her.

In Colorado the governor has signed a popular vote bill. What if the country goes red?Colorado will be stuck!

In Kansas the court ruled that only the feds can use federal form evidence against illegal immigrants who falsified them to obtain employment. The Supremes will take this one on.

And in a move sure to be defeated there are those in Tallahassee who want to move the state capital to Orlando. While I understand the motive, Orlando is not the place. There’s enough fantasy happening there already!


Lober/Patel spat in commission meeting

FoxNews hires Donna Brazile

CO governor signs popular vote bill

Can’t prosecute illegals, or Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore

DeSantis signs “smoke ‘em” marijuana bill

The move to move the state capital

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