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Man Arrested At Mall For Lewd Conduct In Front Of Children

(Oviedo, FL) -- An Orange County man is facing charges after a disturbing incident at a mall in Seminole County. Winter Park 34-year-old Jose Ruelas is accused of exposing and fondling himself in front of children last weekend at the Oviedo Mall. The victims say it happened while they were in the men's room. They contacted mall security, who contacted police.

Jonchuck Appears In Court 

(Tampa, FL) -- Finding potential jurors is proving difficult for a high-profile trial in Pinellas County. John Jonchuck was in court yesterday where he'll soon be tried for killing his five-year-old daughter four years ago by dropping her 60-feet off a bridge. More than 100 jury candidates were in the courtroom yesterday, but only 13 were identified as possible jurors. Many said they cannot seriously consider Jonchuck to be not guilty by reason of insanity, but dozens more potential jurors will be interviewed today.

Melbourne Official Pushing For Street Named After MLK 

(Melbourne, FL) -- An official in Brevard County is urging his city to do something great and historic. Last week, Melbourne City Councilman Tim Thomas called for the city to name a street after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Similar efforts have failed for decades, and Thomas says that's sad. Despite that history, Thomas says he'd rather try something great and fail than do nothing and succeed.  

Changes Coming To Brevard Zoo Rhino Exhibit 

(Titusville, FL) -- Steps are being taken to avoid a repeat of a scary incident at the Brevard Zoo. The rhino exhibit has been closed the last couple of months after a one-year-old fell into the exhibit and was seriously hurt. The state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has agreed to 12 new safety measures for the exhibit. They include excluding children under seven, installing a net to catch anyone who squeezes through the bars of the exhibit and having a handler with the rhino at all times guests are present. 

Report: Americans To Wager $8.5 Billion On March Madness 

(Washington, DC) -- About eight-and-a-half billion dollars will be wagered on this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. The American Gaming Association expects 47 million American adults to lay down bets during the tournament. Forty million Americans are expected to fill out a bracket. The AGA says the bettors are favoring Duke to win it all. It also says two-point-four million people will bet illegally with a bookie.

Man Returns Book Overdue By 53 Years Back To School Library 

(Fair Lawn, NJ) -- A New Jersey man is not going to be docked a late fee after returning a book overdue by 53 years to his old middle school's library. Harry Krane says he found the book The Family Book of Verse while cleaning his basement and realized he had checked the book out of Memorial Middle School's library in Fair Lawn when he was a teenager. At today's rate the late fee would've been around two-thousand-dollars but the school district has decided to not collect the money. Instead, the school librarian says she will display the book in the library, to teach kids the importance of returning books.


2004, actor Paul Reubens who gained fame as TV's Pee Wee Herman, pled guilty to a single charge of possessing obscene material. He was sentenced to three years probation, ordered to stay away from children while he completed his probation and register as a sex offender. Reubens said he was "disappointed any part of my art collection was ever deemed inappropriate."

2003, two days after President George W. Bush gave Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to go into exile or face military action, the U.S. military began airstrikes against Iraq.

1987, Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as chairman of the PTL ministry. He stepped down as a result of the sex and money scandal involving Jessica Hahn.

1957, Elvis Presley purchased the Graceland Estate in Memphis, Tennessee.

1918, Congress approved Daylight Saving Time. It enabled Congress to establish time zones for the U.S. The move was made to save fuel and promote the economies in a time of war.

1831, Edward Smith stole 245-thousand dollars from the City Bank of New York City in what became one of the country's first bank robberies.

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