It started over a week ago. Sunday before last I started having some scratchiness in my voice. It was a minor irritation and, presumably, no big deal. Or so I thought. 

Here I am a week and a half later, after missing three days of work last week with nearly no voice, feeling fine but sounding like that Froggy kid from a 1950’s kids show. I had made it to the doctor last Wednesday. He found no strep and no flu (thankfully) and he hit me with a prescription or two. I faithfully followed the regimen and felt (and feel) fine. 

But I am still Froggy. 

My daily routine has not changed for most things. The early alarm, out of the office by noon and an afternoon nap are followed by dinner and a relatively early bed time. It would be no issue at all except that...I talk for a living!

So, we struggle through, the talking causing an occasional cough and it’s business as usual...almost. 

Then there was the video we shot yesterday promoting SPACE COAST RESTAURANT WEEK. I played Charlie Chaplain remaining silent. Instead, I tapped Jorge on the shoulder, pointed to food, listened to the chef and, of course, ate some great food!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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