Football, Foibles and Felonies

It was another Orlando Apollos weekend!The undefeated AAF team put that record on the line and came up short in an exciting finish.In other AAF news the league, maybe demonstrating what it’s all about, has signed Johnny Manziel to play for Memphis.The former Heisman Trophy winner has had his share of problems since college, but now has a chance to redeem himself and reshape a career.

The morals of the left are astounding.One Senate who weeks ago refused to protect children born of botched abortions has filed a bill to protect the lives of kittens used as research animals.While we are there, Bill Maher keeps pointing out the hypocrisy of the left.

Locally, Florida Today’s Editorial Staff has penned a piece regarding what may be wrongful convictions that merits attention.After all, if the wrong people have been convicted of murder, there are killers walking among us.Then again, it’s just possible that the law doesn’t matter.One Florida judge has even ruled so.

The threat averted in February at Jackson Middle school came from a student with a history of discipline problems according to a Florida Today report.Another student, this time at Cocoa High was stopped while committing more than one violent act.Are Brevard Schools failing in discipline and detection?

The public brouhaha between County Commissioner Bryan Lober and county Democratic Party Chair Stacey Patel was ugly.It made Lober and the commission look bad while handing the high ground to the left.Nice job, Mr. (alleged) Conservative.

Welcome to our Monday on BML.We’ll see how much of this we can address as our talk week begins on WMMB.


Apollos lose their first game to Arizona

Manziel to AAF

Won’t protect babies, but kittens…

Maher keeps finding gems

If the killers are still at large, this is neglect of duty

Maybe the law just doesn’t matter

Jackson Middle School threat from kid with discipline history

Cocoa High student arrested

Lober/Patel spat in commission meeting

CO governor signs popular vote bill

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