Tools, Schools and Fools

What motivates you at work? If you are the owner of the business it may be different than of you are an employee. What are you doing to motivate employees? I get the paycheck should be enough, but what else?

Can we even discuss politics without things going sideways? Do our conversations become the dumpster fire that is social media? Florida Today is trying something and it could tell us a lot about those playing in politics in our backyard.

Brevard it’s time to decide. Are you satisfied with th4e protection of kids in our schools? We have a story, an event, that begs the question. We also have a new issue with the school safety law. Brevard’s teachers’’ union has backed off some of its outrageous pay hike request, but they are not in the realm of reasonable.

The legislature has passed its first bill of the session to the governor. Morganites lite ‘em up! Medical pot is now smokable. Also in Tallahassee Randy Fine’s lagoon matching funds bill has pitfalls and is not a good bill. Why don’t folks want to see that? There is other state news if we have time…it’s one of those days!


Is it the little things?

Can politics be discussed?

Brevard, time to decide: are schools protected?

Another MSD safety law problem…$$$

BFT reduces pay hike request, # still huge

If ya got ‘em, toke ‘em

Fine idea not so fine (but gives insights to those who will look)

The state paid a company to what?

Don’t like primaries- pick a party!

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