WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Education and Political Elitism Edition

Let us remind you, you are not the Hollywood or the Education Establishment Elite and therefore your kids don’t deserve a fair shot at higher education.The message is loud and clear.There is, however, a way for your daughter attending UCF to have college paid in full.In fact, UCF is a leader in this kind of education funding.

Brevard’s county commission took a bad step yesterday in moving Bryan Lober’s pet project forward.Welcome to Loberland where all is well as long as his pet project is forced upon you.Then again, he has a great example from Representative Randy Fine where Tallahassee punishing local governments that don’t bend to Fine’s will is the desire of the session.

A court decision has highlighted another problem with the MSD school safety act…and the original problems of second amendment infringement are not being addressed.And then there is how the state chose to spend millions of dollars to make a company go away.

Brevard Schools and the teachers’ union are back to the negotiating table.Don’t hold your breath.It’s very unlikely that the talks will end the strife.

On top of all that it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…what’s on YOUR mind?


College admissions scandal from Hollywood

UCF has problems, but look where it excels!

Commission goes wrong way on pet store law

Fine idea not so fine (but gives insights to those who will look)

Another MSD safety law problem…$$$

The state paid a company to what?

BPS/BFT to resume contract talks

Don’t like primaries- pick a party!

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