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House Committee Report Blasts UCF For Misspending Millions

(Tallahassee, FL) -- When it comes to improperly using operating money for building construction at UCF, Trevor Colbourn Hall is just one of over a dozen examples. House lawmakers in Tallahassee are expected to release a report today on their investigation into the school's misuse of millions of dollars, including money spent on Colbourn Hall. The House committee found 16 other times where operating money was transferred to the school's construction budget. In a draft report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, lawmakers blame UCF leaders, including former President Dale Whittaker, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors, who are in charge of the state university system.  Board Chairman Robert Garvy says the report also proves the board was not aware that money meant for operations could not be used for construction. He also tells the Orlando Sentinel the board will work with lawmakers and the Board of Governors to make UCF more accountable and transparent.

Broward Sheriff Wants Changes To Promise Program 

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- Broward County's sheriff wants changes to a controversial program. Sheriff Gregory Tony, yesterday, said improvements are needed in the Promise program, which allows students to avoid jail time for minor offenses. The program has been criticized since the Parkland school shooting because some believe it was too lenient. Tony says he wants to meet with school officials and others in law enforcement to discuss modifications.

NASA Official Discusses Federal Budget 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Humans could be on the moon again in less than a decade. That's one of the features in President Trump's federal budget released yesterday, which includes 21 billion dollars for NASA. That's about two-and-a-half percent less than what Congress has approved, but it still includes money for landers that would carry humans to the lunar surface in 2028. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine [[ BRY-din-stine ]] said yesterday the budget is healthy and has bipartisan support in Congress.  

Trump Tweets Support For Sunshine Protection Act 

(Washington, DC) -- The president seems to be behind an idea being pushed by a Tampa Bay congressman. Sixteenth District Republican Vern Buchanan filed the Sunshine Protection Act to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. That means we would no longer have to change our clocks twice a year, and yesterday, President Trump Tweeted that making Daylight Saving Time permanent is OK with him. Buchanan Tweeted that it's great to have Trump's support.  

Queens Man Sent 38-Million-Dollar Electric Bill 

(Queens, NY) -- A Queens man is searching for answers after getting a 38-million-dollar electric bill from Con Edison. Tommy Straub lives in a roughly 600-square-foot apartment in Astoria. He tweeted out a picture of the hefty tab with the message, "I do not own the entirety of Manhattan." A Con Edison spokesperson tells the Daily News that it was most likely an error and that the company is investigating. Straub says the bill is "insane" and just wants the issued fixed. 

President Trump Named Winner Of 2018 Golf Championship He Never Played In 

(Undated) -- President Trump is reportedly being named the winner of a 2018 golf championship he never even played in. Golf.com reports that Trump is the winner of a golf championship held at one of his clubs. Trump apparently ran into the actual winner Ted Virtue and told him the only reason he won is because Trump couldn't play. Trump then proposed a nine-hole challenge to Virtue with a winner-takes-the-title stipulation. The President and Virtue played and Trump ended up winning. The president then said that to be fair he'd be co-champions with Virtue.  


2008, four days after reports surfaced linking him to a high priced prostitution ring, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation from office.

2003, more than nine months after she was kidnapped from the bedroom of her Salt Lake City, Utah home, 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart was reunited with her family. Police arrested drifter David Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee who were with Smart when police stopped the car she was riding in following a witness tip.

2002, Houston homemaker Andrea Yates was convicted of murder in the drowning deaths of her five children in the family bathtub. She was later sentenced to life in prison.

1980, a Chicago jury found John Wayne Gacy guilty of 33 murders. He was later sentenced to death.

1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the first of his fireside chats to America. 

1894, the first bottles of Coca-Cola were sold.

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