Can We Go Back to One Garbage Can?

I don’t know if Debra Messing is more famous for Will and Grace or for being a liberal activist, but she- like so many before her, has stepped in it.The left was all over her and she was grateful to be chastised, as all good groveling liberals would be.Her sin, forgetting the lie that boys can be girls.

Could your uncompensated employment by waste management be over?Your needless separation of glass, plastic and paper (and making sure you have the right and acceptable kinds of each) could be a thing of the past.It’s never been about the environment and they had the power of law behind them to force the fake cause.Now that recycling is costly instead of rewarding, its days could be done.

You won’t believe what the state paid one company to do.

The county commission will tackle Bryan Lober’s pet projects today.I hope they are smarter than he is.

The TDC is going through some changes, but is it really more of the same?

And to the folks believing that everyone deserves to vote in every election: nobody is stopping you.Pick a party and the primaries are open to you.The ideas you’re floating are flat out stupid.


Making women proud- and angering others

The end of recycling?We can only hope

The state paid a company to what?

County Commission takes on Lober pet project and more

TDC shakeup?

Don’t like primaries- pick a party!

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