Change is inevitable. It happens to us all and all around us. A radio station is no different. Programming changes occur from time to time and many are with little notice. At other times the bigger changes come and they can be game changing. We have some of both already here or coming to WMMB.

First, the big change. We are initiating a change to our weekday lineup on Monday, March 11th. Joe Pags who hosted America Now during a time of change and who currently hosts THE WEEKEND Saturday nights at 7pm will rejoin our daily lineup with the Joe Pags Show weeknights 6pm. Joe is a phenomenal host who was always popular with our audience. His unique brand of engaging talk radio will be a great addition your listening experience with WMMB.

The smaller changes have already begun. As you know, certain time slots are blocked out for INFOMERCIAL programs when they are purchased on the station. We have taken advantage of an iHeart Radio opportunity with podcasts to fill these unsold times with podcasts of varied interests. That schedule as it stands now (subject to change when infomercials are sold) is below:


5pm- Omnibus: Strange but True Stories

6pm- Committed: Inspiring stories of couples determined to make it work

10pm- Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know: UFO’s, conspiracies and the unexplained


6am- Stuff you Missed in History Class: Great and strange stories from the past

7am- Ridiculous History: Weird stories from civilization’s past

8am- Happy Face: A daughter working through her father’s brutal criminal past

2pm- Hell and Gone: An Arkansas murder and the cold case investigation

We hope you enjoy these programs as WMMB continues to bring you the best in audio from radio to the podcast world.

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