Bill's Back...listen closely, the voice may still be missing!

One Florida teacher is upset over a poster she was required to remove during Black History Month.I can’t say that I blame her.

The Orlando Apollos are all alone in the AAF with a 4-0 record.This weekend in Birmingham will be a test!

Why is it that speaking the truth in Great Britain gets you in trouble?

Why is it that accurate speech does the same in the Florida House?Speaking of, we did have a State of the State Tuesday.Is the governor’s honeymoon over?Would yours be if you had to deal with the legislature?They have an idea that is better than the “cell phone ban,” but not much better.

The TDC, while infighting over expenditures is ongoing, is also seeing some new faces.Maybe that will help.

In today’s 8am hour School Board Chair Tina Descovich will join us to talk school safety and other school issues.


Black History Month- why not this one?

Don’t look now but the Orlando Apollos are all alone

Truth in Great Britain gets you in trouble

FL Speaker flub…or accuracy

We had a State of the State

Better than the cell phone ban, but where is the traffic infraction?

TDC shakeup?

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