Talking into the Weekend

Friday brings State Representative Tyler Sirois to our studios at 7 to talk the upcoming legislative session.Florida Today’s John Torres will be with us at 8 with Murder on the Space Coast is in focus.Before we get rolling with guests:

The AAF is seeking a stranger relationship with the NFL.

West Virginia is raising the tobacco buying ago to 21 and a judge there has ruled Right to Work is “taking” of union property.

Locally, TDC funding of a surf competition is questioned by a board member with competing interests.


AAF wants close NFL ties

WV raising tobacco age to 21

WV judge rules right-to-work as taking union property

TDC funding of surf competition questioned by competing interest on board

Overturning the constitution, handing elections to blue states

DeSantis pushing Sanctuary City ban

Commission votes to approve certain lagoon projects

In spite of commission, Fine bill needs to die

Senator files bill that would give johns 30 days

Last official word from Bob Gabordi

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