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Launch Set For Early Saturday Morning 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- If you stay up late enough, you'll be able to see the US move a step closer to sending astronauts back into space. SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Crew Dragon capsule at 2:49 Saturday morning from the Kennedy Space Center. A dummy will be on board as a test for eventually sending humans back into space from American soil.That hasn't been done since 2011 when the space shuttle program was stopped. If everything goes as hoped, astronauts could be blasting off as soon as July.  

Bicyclist Killed In Train Collision 

(Orlando, FL) -- A man is dead after getting hit by a SunRail train in Orange County. The victim was riding his bike on Lancaster Road near Orange Ave last night when he was hit. No details have been released, and the man has not been identified.  

New England Patriots Owner Enters Plea In Florida Prostitution Case 

(Jupiter, FL) -- New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is entering a not guilty plea to charges of soliciting a prostitute in Florida. Court documents show Kraft is also asking for a non-jury trial. He's required to attend a court hearing in Jupiter next month. 

Defamation Suit Against Casey Anthony Dismissed 

(Orlando, FL) -- The man who found the body of Caylee Anthony plans to continue his legal fight with her mother. A judge in Orange County, yesterday, dismissed Roy Kronk's defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony. He filed the suit over comments made by Anthony's lawyer that Kronk was the one who killed Caylee, but the judge ruled there's no proof that Casey instructed her lawyer to make those claims. Kronk's lawyer tells News 6 he plans to appeal the ruling.  

Shark Dragging Suspect Agrees To Plea 

(Tampa, FL) -- A man arrested after a viral video will serve time behind bars. Michael Wenzel pleaded guilty yesterday in Hillsborough County to misdemeanor animal cruelty for dragging a shark behind his boat over a year ago. The 22-year-old will spend ten days in jail, which he will serve on weekends, starting a week from today. He also agreed to pay a fine, perform community service and give up his fishing license for five years.  

German Town Seizes Family's Dog Over Unpaid Taxes 

(Germany) -- A family in Germany is grieving over the loss of their dog, who was taken by their town and sold online because of their unpaid debts. The town of Ahlen seized Edda the pedigree pug in November and sold her on eBay for 850 dollars to cover various debts, including unpaid pet taxes. The new owner is now claiming that she has had to pay for over two thousand dollars worth of surgeries for the dog even though she was told she was in good health. The woman is asking the town to reimburse her for both Edda and the procedures. The sale of the pug is under investigation. 

Singapore Airlines Passenger Finds Human Tooth In Food 

(Wellington, New Zealand) -- A Singapore Airlines passenger is claiming he enjoyed his flight from Australia to New Zealand right until the moment he found a human tooth in his dinner. It wasn't his tooth in the rice he was served. Bradley Button said he nearly threw up. He said, "Just the idea of having someone else's body part in my food is not nice." Singapore Airlines issued a statement confirming the incident and said they are investigating. Button said he received a 75-dollar voucher and apologies. 


1978, Swiss grave robbers stole the coffin containing Charlie Chaplin's remains. The coffin, and Chaplin, were recovered several months later. 

1969, New York Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle retired from baseball. 

1962, the first Kmart opened in Garden City, Michigan.

1941, W47NV became the first FM radio station in the United States. 

1873, E. Remington and sons began manufacturing the first commercial typewriter. 

1781, the Articles of Confederation was ratified by the Continental Congress. The agreement among the 13 founding states established United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states.

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