Romans, Americans, Floridians and Maltans...

When in England (and you’re Roman) do as the Romans do.But, when you are in the USA and have an HOA, you have to watch what your car leaves behind.The Romans would love you; the HOA wants to fine you!

Former Secretary of State Mike Ertel has landed a consulting job at his old job.He’ll be advising the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections under contract.We’ll call that one for the good guys.

In politics, the governor wants to ban Sanctuary Cities, the legislature wants to change law to hammer the customers of prostitutes, the county commission has given pass to some lagoon projects and one proposed bill to help the lagoon should die in Tallahassee.

In our 8am hour today Steve Berry, author of the Cotton Malone series of novels will join us with Malone’s latest adventure, The Malta Exchange.I discovered Steve a couple of years ago and have been immersed in his writing since.His descriptive style makes you feel like you are in the middle of the adventure seeing the historic sites for yourself.The action is nonstop and the history around his tales is real.A look at The Malta Exchange is here.


When you’re Roman…

…but the Romans had no HOA

One for the good guys

Overturning the constitution, handing elections to blue states

DeSantis pushing Sanctuary City ban

Commission votes to approve certain lagoon projects

In spite of commission, Fine bill needs to die

Senator files bill that would give johns 30 days

Last official word from Bob Gabordi

The long story of the human trafficking ring

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