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Arrest Made In Murder Of Cocoa Woman

(Cocoa, FL) -- Police believe they have found the man who killed a mother of four in Brevard County. Cocoa Police this week arrested 30-year-old Joshua Taylor for the murder of 31-year-old Tashaun Jackson. She was last seen almost three weeks ago, and her body was found about a week later in Osceola County. Police believe Taylor killed Jackson because she claimed, in a deposition, that Taylor sexually battered her.   

Pipe Bombs Found In Car In Volusia County 

(Ormond Beach, FL) -- A man is facing charges after three pipe bombs were allegedly found in his car in Volusia County. Ormond Beach Police arrested Daytona Beach 47-year-old Damon Gause, Jr. yesterday afternoon after a traffic stop on US One. The county bomb squad was called in, and all three pipe bombs were safely detonated. There's no word on why Gause had the pipe bombs.

Shooting At Palm Beach County VA Hospital 

(Riviera Beach, FL) -- A doctor is being praised as a hero after a shooting at a VA hospital in Palm Beach County. The doctor disarmed homeless double-amputee Army vet Larry Ray Bon, who's accused of firing shots last night at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach. The doctor wound up getting shot in the neck, but neither he nor anyone else was seriously hurt. The FBI says the doctor probably saved a lot of lives and that the the shooting suspect was able to get a handgun past security by stuffing the gun under his wheelchair cushion.

Gun Control Measure Passes House 

(Washington, DC) -- Those affected by the Parkland school shooting are grateful for a new measure meant to reduce gun violence. House lawmakers in Washington yesterday passed a bill calling for universal background checks on all gun sales. Congressman Ted Deutch, who represents Parkland, says background checks could save countless live. 

Markeith Loyd In Court 

(Orlando, FL) -- Markeith Loyd's lawyer believes his client had no choice but to shoot Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton. Loyd was in court yesterday, and his lawyer said Clayton, who died in the shooting, may have violated department policy when she confronted Loyd two years ago in Walmart parking lot. Loyd's lawyer says that left his client with a choice of kill or be killed, but the prosecutor pointed out Loyd had a third option of surrendering peacefully. Loyd wants the results of a use-of-force investigation into Clayton, and the judge said Loyd could get it if it turns out such an investigation was done.  

Tampa Bay Minister Defiant After Methodists Vote To Ban Gay Clergy 

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- A Tampa Bay minister is standing up to his church leaders after a controversial vote. The United Methodist Church this week voted at a national conference to uphold bans on gay clergy and gay weddings. Andy Oliver is the reverend at St. Petersburg's Allendale United Methodist Church, and he vows to defy the order. He tells ABC Action News he won't turn his back on his gay parishioners, and if the church doesn't like it, they'll have to rip him and his congregants out of the pews.

Weather Favorable For Saturday Launch 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Air Force forecasters say conditions are favorable, for this weekend's special launch. A Falcon 9 rocket is set to lift off at 2:48 Saturday morning. The launch is a test for the eventual return of manned flight to Kennedy Space Center.

Louisiana Man Scores Big Lottery Win After Machine Mistake 

(Vicksburg, LA) -- A lucky mistake is making a Louisiana man a lot richer. Willie Curry says he only wanted five tickets for a lottery game, but the machine accidentally printed out ten. He decided to keep them, and it's a good thing he did because the numbers he played ended up scoring him 26-hundred dollars with each ticket, for a grand total of 26-thousand-dollars. Curry says the lucky numbers he chose were the digits of his sister's birthday. 


1993, U.S. federal agents engaged in a shootout with the Branch Davidian religious cult in Waco, Texas. Four agents and six cult members were killed in the crossfire.

1983, CBS aired the final episode of "M*A*S*H." The show became the most watched program in television history. An estimated 125-million people in the U.S. tuned in to CBS to watch the show.

1972, President Nixon returned from his historic week-long visit to China.

1827, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad became the first railroad incorporated for the commercial transportation of people.

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