WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Cops, Kids and Legislators

In some corners, like colleges, hating cops is expected.It’s not expected in a legislative body.The Florida legislature is on a dangerous path for cops and they should stop immediately.

The genderless baby idea is stupid and dangerous, but not as dangerous as preferring to kill them outright.

The constitution in its wisdom outlines the process for electing a president and the Electoral College is it.There is a coalition of states looking to change that without the constitutional change that would be required.We are losing the country, folks.

Brevard Schools have changed the calendar for the next school year after complaints prompted another look.In spite of County Commission support a lagoon bill by Rep. Randy Fine needs to die.Penalizing other governmental entities that have sewage dumps does nothing to fix the problem and only penalizes taxpayers.

Those are my thoughts, but today is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…what’s on your mind?Today is the day to get it in front of us on BML.


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