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Testimony Of Marchena On UCF Spending Released

(Orlando, FL) -- A top UCF official denies claims made by employees that he knew the school was improperly spending millions of dollars. A state House committee, yesterday, released a deposition given by former Board Chairman Marcos Marchena [[ mar-CHEE-nuh ]]. Marchena told lawmakers last week that CFO Bill Merck was not truthful that building construction was being funded with money from the operating budget, which is not allowed. School employees had claimed Marchena knew about the spending all along, but others were forced to take the fall.

School Board Asked To Vote To Fire Runcie 

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- The debate over Robert Runcie's future could come to a head as soon as next week. Broward District School Board member Lori Alhadeff has asked the board to vote at its next meeting on Tuesday to fire the superintendent. Alhadeff lost a daughter in last year's school shooting, and she and other parents have called for Runcie to step down, which he has refused to do. Alhadeff tells CBS 4 News she doesn't know if she has the five votes needed to terminate Runcie's contract, but she wants the public to know who supports Runcie and who doesn't.  Five members have publicly supported Runcie, including Donna Korn, while two others have yet to publicly take a position. Korn tells the Sun-Sentinel she believes Runcie is up to the challenges the district faces.

Drug Dealer On Trial For Customer's Death 

(Tampa, FL) -- A case a prosecutor says represents the reality of the opioid crisis is underway in Tampa. Corey Smith is on trial for selling the drugs that led to the overdose death of Bradley Dykes over a year ago. This is the first time in Hillsborough County that a suspected dealer has been tried for a customer's death. If convicted, the 23-year-old Smith could get life in prison.  

Man Arrested For Trying To Have Sex With Underage Girl 

(Sanford, FL) -- An arrest in Seminole County is a reminder of the dangers kids face on the internet. A 51-year-old Tampa man was arrested yesterday for arranging to have sex with an underage girl he met online. FDLE caught up to the man at a hotel where he was apparently waiting for the girl. Agents credit the girl with tipping them off to the man, who's being held without bond in Hillsborough County.  

Deltona Man Arrested On Child Porn Charges 

(Deltona, FL) -- A Volusia County man is facing child porn charges. Deputies, yesterday, arrested Deltona 30-year-old Charles Price on seven counts of child porn possession. The arrest comes after three months of investigating. The girls found in the images Price allegedly had were as young as four.

House Flip Leads To Interesting Find 

(Orlando, FL) -- Flipping a house is turning into a treasure hunt for an Orlando couple. WKMG reports Erin and Michael Kara were clearing out the house when they found what could be a Medal of Honor from the Civil War. The name listed on the medal is Mark Wood. After some research, the couple said they found he was awarded the distinguished medal for attempting to block Confederate soldiers by destroying railways in the South. Erin says they've been calling the house the "treasure house" because of all the interesting belongings the previous owner had. 


2013, former NBA star Dennis Rodman made headlines around the globe for his attendance at a basketball game in North Korea with controversial North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

1991, President George H.W. Bush announced an end to the military offensive in Operation Desert Storm. 

1990, the Exxon Corporation and Exxon Shipping were indicted on five criminal counts relating to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. 

1982, Wayne B. Williams was convicted of murdering two of the 28 young blacks found dead around Atlanta, Georgia, over a 22-month period. He was sentenced to life in prison.

1974,the first issue of "People" magazine hit newsstands.

1925, Alaska's Glacier Bay National Monument was dedicated.

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