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Seymour Not Interested In Being UCF's Long-Term Leader

(Orlando, FL) -- UCF's search for a new leader should not include the man currently in that position. Interim President Thad Seymour said yesterday he is not interested in the job on a permanent basis. Seymour is the school's Vice President for partnerships and chief innovation officer. He told the Orlando Sentinel yesterday he'll help steer the ship in the near term, but he doesn't want to be president or even a long-term interim president. 

Experts in college presidential searches believe the spending scandal will make UCF's search for a new president more challenging. The investigation into the school's misuse of operating dollars continues and that could turn off some potential candidates as the school isn't sure what kind of sanctions it might face. One expert from George Mason University recently told the Orlando Sentinel UCF should be upfront with all potential candidates because secrecy could scare them off.

Kraft Formally Charged In Florida Prostitution Case 

(West Palm Beach, FL) -- Formal charges have been filed against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The 77-year-old billionaire is charged with two misdemeanor counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution. Kraft's arraignment has been scheduled for April 24th in West Palm Beach. Kraft denies any wrongdoing, but prosecutors say they have video evidence to support the charges. 

A manager of one of the spas accused in a prostitution and human trafficking case in Florida has a previous arrest in Massachusetts. Lan Yun Ma was arrested for human trafficking in 2011 after a raid on a spa in Oxford. Ma ended up pleading guilty to a reduced charge of soliciting prostitution and was sentenced to three years of probation. Ma was arrested last month in connection with operation of a spa in Vero Beach.

School Bus Crashes In Brevard County 

(Merritt Island, FL) -- A school bus is damaged after a crash in Brevard County. It happened yesterday afternoon in Merritt Island on North Courtenay Parkway. No students were on board, and no one was hurt. There's no word on what led to the crash.  

Deadly Plane Crash In Polk County, Sheriff Calls Survival A Miracle 

(Polk County, FL) -- As the NTSB looks into the cause of a fatal small plane crash in Polk County, Sheriff Grady Judd calls the outcome a miracle. When the aircraft ended up inside the home this weekend, 64-year-old pilot James Wagner died, but a student pilot and a 17-year-old girl in the home survived. The girl is in stable condition. 

Armed South Carolina Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested In Central Florida  

(Osceola County, SC) -- A man suspected of robbing a South Carolina credit union, is locked up in an Osceola County jail cell. Police say 29-year-old Samuel Neathery has been arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service. Extradition proceedings are began yesterday to send the suspect back to the Palmetto State to face armed robbery and kidnapping charges. 

Jungle Whale Stumps Experts 

(Marajo, Brazil) -- Scientists aren't exactly sure how a humpback whale ended up in an Amazon jungle. The 36-foot calf was found Friday on the Brazilian island of Marajo after people noticed vultures circling overhead. The whale, estimated to be around a year old, was lying around 50 feet from the ocean. Biologists speculate that it might have already been dead in the ocean when an unusually high tide could have sent the whale that far inland. It's also unusual, scientists say, because humpback whales don't normally travel that far north.

Man Arrested For Peeping With Gorilla Suit 

(Sulphur City, LA) -- A Louisiana man is in custody after using a gorilla city to enter people's property and peep into their homes. Sulphur City officials say Jeremie Moran used the unusual costume to roam onto private property and peek into windows. Officers responded to the reports of the all-black costume causing Moran to run into a house and hide under a mattress before his arrest. He faces several charges including one specific to Louisiana, which makes wearing a mask in a public place illegal with certain exceptions. Moran will appear in court at a late date.


1993, a car bomb exploded at New York's World Trade Center. The blast killed six people and injured more than a thousand. 

1991, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered his troops to withdraw from Kuwait.

1951, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, limiting a president to two terms in office. 

1936, the first Volkswagen factory officially opened in Saxony, Germany. 

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