Crossing Lines- lot's of them!

While federal judicial appointments are for life, they are giving us a lesson in what life isn’t.

Last week Martina Navratilova was scorned by the LGBT community for stating simple truth.This week we have a story highlighting it.Guys across the country are competing as girls and the real girls don’t have a chance.

In Connecticut they took down a “thin blue line” flag donated by a police officer for a memorial at the capital.Today it’s back up.It’s interesting what a little education can do!

If Planned Parenthood failed parent’s who did not want to be parents, is there liability?One couple thinks so.

Call it poetic justice.Last week we talked about the USA TODAY Florida Network and other Gannett papers digging up old yearbook photos from the 70’s and 80’s seeking “offensive” ‘images.And while offense is in the eye of the beholder, the chief editor for Gannett got some backsplash.

In the week’s big story we now see that Patriots owner Robert Kraft visited the now infamous spa the day of the Pats playoff game in Kansas City.He also visited the night before.

A statewide grand jury has been impaneled to investigate school safety and reporting in Florida.Let’s hope the shake the school systems to the seriousness of the issue.

Florida Today’s Executive Editor retires this week.Is final official column is featured below.


Judicial appointments for life, not afterlife!

Guys competing as girls have to go

Thin blue line flag reposted in CT

Planned Parenthood sued over botched abortion (birth)


Kraft hit spa day of playoff win

Statewide Grand Jury impaneled on school safety

Last official word from Bob Gabordi

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