History: destroyed and in the making

I do believe in credit where credit is due.President Obama deserves some credit.He’s talking about values that young men are learning, or not, in pop culture and he’s on the right track.It seems we have some vandals in North Carolina that are as history confused as the ones earlier this week at Gettysburg College.

Former CBS reporter Lara Logan spoke out about media bias.Now she says that same media is targeting her for speaking the truth.

State Representative Tyler Sirois is with us at 7 for a legislative update, to include reaction to the UCF Whittaker resignation.

At 8 Florida Today’s Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel is with us.Her column this week was a compelling story of a mother whose children were abducted to the Middle East by their father.Given time we’ll as kick around some local politics.

It’s how we do Friday on BML.


President Obama gets one right

Could it be MORE history students?

Lara Logan, reporter: now media target

Tyler Sirois: nose to the grindstone

House has local regs bill- will it fly?

UCF accepts Whittaker resignation

Tobia rebuffed in tax vote

Isadora Rangel: a mom and her abducted kids

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