Chasing Guilt Good People into Apologies

My new favorite pastime may be having more issues than a fledgling football league can handle.The Apollos can’t practice in Orlando and have to go to Georgia because of our state’s worker’s compensation laws.

After our Gettysburg College story yesterday it was interesting to see that USA TODAY has gone on a rampage taking a look at college yearbooks from across the country.My question would be why?To stir more stupidity and dissent by the unknowing and historic context ignoring snowflakes like the students and the university officials in yesterday’s story?OK, let’s do it…let’s go back and look at TV that offends us now even though it was within acceptable societal guidelines then.Let’s look for adult leaders now who were guilty of nothing more than being kids and part of a different age then.

When we’re done with that we’ll take a look everything from feral cats contributing to a rabies problem in the area, UCF’s issues with accountability, the county commission’s tax issues and the lagoon battle.


AAF facing issues with FL law

USA TODAY chasing history to guilt us

Tobia wants commission on record re: property taxes

The lagoon battle

UCF President tenders resignation

Feral Cats and rabies

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