WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Cultural Appreciation Edition

I have to wonder just how far back the “guilting” will go.It seems cultural changes are not enough for the PC crowd.They want to change the past as well.They even want John Wayne to apologize.And don’t think about laughing at Hogan’s Heroes or honoring native culture if you aren’t “native” enough.

Orlando PD is now using genealogy to catch bad guys.Are you still interested in where your family is from?

Did Brevard open the Diverging Diamond too soon?

John Tobia wants County Commissioners on the record regarding property taxes and tax hikes.The lagoon will also be an ongoing issue.

UCF’s president has offered his resignation.Is anyone offering handcuffs to go with it?

Those are my topics for the day, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and what’s important today is what’s on YOUR mind.You topics take control today on the show and if it’s on your mind, it’s on BML.


And now we can’t laugh at Hogan’s Heroes!

John Wayne needs to apologize now

Don’t honor another culture in Canada

Orlando using genealogy to find bad guys

Diverging Diamond opening too soon?

Tobia wants commission on record re: property taxes

The lagoon battle

UCF President tenders resignation

Feral Cats and rabies

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