The Top 10 Problems of the USA

It was a weekend of football, family and old friends…do they get better?It was a big win for the Orlando Apollos in week two of AAF action.I had a gathering at the house for that one as they played in San Antonio.For those of you who recall SurfDawgs, Rik and Tracy were in town and it was great seeing and catching up with them.

It wasn’t all smiles.Teshawn Johnson‘s body was found in Osceola County and her father was killed in a traffic accident the same day.You have to fell for that family.

Is it possible our beachside towns have jumped the gun with plastic straw bans? You bet it is.It’s darn near guaranteed!It’s funny the LGBT crowd, like the left in general, will turn on its own in a heartbeat and a darling of professional tennis is the latest example.Brevard is cutting cultural grants, as it should.The art community is bellowing.

A US appellate court has struck out at Florida‘s mail balloting and related rules.We have a list of 10 other problems of the USA as we the people see them.Lara Logan nails one of them as she lights up the mainstream media. Welcome to our abbreviated talk week!


An exciting AAF weekend

More tragedy for Cocoa family

Looks like all these beachside towns are messing up…

LGBT members are not allowed dissenting viewpoints

Brevard to cut cultural grants

Appeals court hits FL mail ballots and signatures

10 problems for the USA

Lara Logan nails mainstream media in interview

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