A Sad and Tragic Anniversary with a Lesson

On the day of a tragic anniversary people are rightfully remembering those who were lost in the Parkland shooting.Brevard Schools will participate in a statewide moment of silence commemorating that horrible day.The governor has called for convening a grand jury to investigate the incident and identify those responsible for missed security opportunities at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.There is also one student speaking out, who also did so in the immediate wake of the shooting, and he is proof many have gone completely awry in adopting child victims as spokesmen experts on school safety.

Representative Randy Fine has yet another FINE idea as he suggested in a committee meeting that closing UCF would be an appropriate action if it were up to him.He later walked back the comments, but what he meant appears to be what he said.It seems education and intelligence don’t go hand in hand.

A Cocoa mother is still missing, her family is crying out for her return and a community is strangely quiet.

Happy Valentine’s Day…


Cocoa needs to step up…where is Tashaun?

Why David “Boss” Hogg is not one to follow

Here’s another FINE idea!

DeSantis and school safety- can he do that?

BPS to participate in statewide moment of silence

BPS won’t fire teacher accused of altercation with student

Active shooter drills another impact of bad law?

DeSantis honeymoon continues

Torres: Why not look at “Murder” cases?

Feral Cats and rabies

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