WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- All Over the Place Edition

It’s your day to run the show on BML- WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.What will you do with the opportunity?News, Sports, Politics, Social Issues…they are all in play as you bring your topics to today’s show.For my part, I have a list with the stories linked up below, but in reality it’s all up to you- if it’s on your mind, it’s on BML.

I’m thinking about what’s wrong with parents who want to raise genderless children, voter suppression claims that just aren’t true, traffic woes with a new traffic pattern, one family’s tragedy as a son is lost after a night in Downtown Melbourne, the surprising support the county commission has shown for a Brevard aquarium, how active shooter drills are impacting students, why prosecutors are reluctant to review old convictions that sure look like they were wrong and even feral cats.It’s a lot to have on our plate, but there is plenty of room on this day for what you want to discuss…


THE BATTING ORDERFL has a nut job mom with “genderless” childSo much for voter suppression claimsDiverging Diamond opens today…careful!Matthew Robineau’s body foundCommission supports aquariumActive shooter drills another impact of bad law?DeSantis honeymoon continuesTorres: Why not look at “Murder” cases?Feral Cats and rabies

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