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Body Of Missing Man Found In Brevard County 

(Melbourne, FL) -- A body found in Brevard County marks the tragic end of the search for a missing 21-year-old. The body found in the Indian River Lagoon was identified yesterday as Indian Harbour Beach's Matthew Robineau, who was reported missing two days earlier. An autopsy will be done to determine a cause of death, but Melbourne Police say there are no signs of foul play.

Teacher Criticized For Reading Gay Marriage Book To First Graders 

(Sanford, FL) -- A teacher could be in trouble for a book he read to his students in Seminole County. The Pinecrest Elementary School teacher was criticized by parents for reading a book about gay marriage to first-graders. The book, written by HBO host John Oliver, was not approved by the district, and parents say it was not appropriate for children that young. One woman tells Channel 9 it should be her decision as to what to tell her children when she believes they're ready.

Shooting Suspect Arrested At Airport 

(Orlando, FL) -- A man wanted for a shooting in Tampa is in custody after fleeing the state. Edward Nieves was arrested Monday at Orlando International Airport after getting off a flight from Puerto Rico. The 43-year-old flew to Puerto Rico after the shooting two weeks ago outside a 7-Eleven. Tampa Police say Nieves shot a man who tried to stop Nieves from assaulting a woman.  

Florida Senate Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns In Schools Advancing 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A bill that would allow Florida teachers to carry guns in schools is moving forward. The Senate bill passed its first committee yesterday. If passed, it would expand the Guardian program to let instructional staff carry guns. Previously school staff that exclusively performs classroom duties were ineligible to arm themselves. Those who volunteer to carry guns will continue to be screened and trained by local law enforcement. 

Florida Legislature Working On Smokable Medical Marijuana Bills 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A Florida House Committee is advancing a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe smokable marijuana. This comes after Governor Ron DeSantis called for a repeal on the ban against smokable medical marijuana, which he wanted done by mid-March. The House Health and Human Services Committee approved the bill on a 14-to-2 vote yesterday. A similar bill in the Senate is being heard, but has some significant differences from the House bill.

State Of Emergency Declared On Russian Island Over Polar Bears 

(Undated) -- Polar bears are invading a remote Russian island. Russian media reports that people on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean have had dozens of encounters with polar bears since December. The country's town, where about 25-hundred people live, has had over 50 sightings. The animals have reportedly attacked people and even gone into homes. A state of emergency has been declared for the area.  

British Shop Sells Pickled Human Parts, Flesh, Animal Skulls 

(England) -- A British shop in Essex is gaining attention for its rare and gross products. “Curiosities From the 5th Corner” sells odd items including pickled body parts, human flesh and stuffed animals, as well as a human fetuses and ovaries preserved in a jar. Henry Scragg, the owner, says many of the human specimens come from old medical practices or are tribal pieces. Scragg used to be a gardener at a university before giving that up to pursue his odd interests. He started off picking up items from eBay and at trunk auctions before opening his shop. Customers range from medical professionals to everyday suburban people. 

TODAY IN HISTORY:2016, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in his sleep at the age of 79. He was appointed to the Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, where he served until his death. He was the first Italian-American justice and the longest serving justice on the Supreme Court.

2013, Pope Benedict appeared at his final public Mass as leader of the Roman Catholic Church, two days after announcing his plans to resign from the papacy. Benedict was greeted with thunderous applause at St. Peter's Basilica for the Ash Wednesday service. 

2000, Charles Schulz's final "Peanuts" strip ran in Sunday newspapers, the day after the cartoonist died in his sleep at his California home at age 77. 

1920, the National Negro Baseball League was formed. 

1741, "The American Magazine" was published for the first time. It was the first magazine in the American colonies. 

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