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Central Florida Schools Get Mental Health Funding 

(Undated) -- Central Florida school districts are getting state funding for student mental health services. Florida lawmakers set aside 70 million dollars for the mental health funding after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Districts will receive varied amounts based on size, with each guaranteed at least 100 thousand dollars. Districts plan to use the funding for mental health training for staff, mental health screenings for students, or to hire more mental health professionals for their schools. 

FDLE Is Providing Standardized Active Shooter Training To Law Enforcement Agencies   

(Orlando,  FL)  -- With the one year anniversary of the Parkland school massacre coming up this week, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is taking action. Agents are now doing standardized active shooter training for law enforcement officers around Central Florida. Once that's done, they plan to expand the training to other agencies around the state.

Senator Scott Returns To Florida   

(Tampa,  FL)  -- Rick Scott is back in Florida. The former governor came back to the Sunshine State after visiting the southern U.S. border. Senator Scott says he supports President Trump's idea of declaring a national emergency to fund a wall if needed. 

Miami Police Seek Suspect Who Dressed As UPS Worker To Rob Jewelry Store 

(Miami,  FL)  -- Miami Police are seeking a suspect they believe stole a million dollars in jewelry. The suspect was dressed as a UPS worker and carried a box as he got buzzed into Time Boutique Jewelers on Saturday evening. He then pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded entry to the safe. The suspect reportedly tied the victim's hands and feet and struck the victim with the firearm before leaving. 

$65K Of Energy Drinks Missing 

(Tampa,  FL)  -- Around 65-thousand-dollars' worth of energy drinks is missing from a semi-truck in Tampa. The FBI and local law enforcement are investigating the theft that occurred late last weekend between East Broadway Avenue and 50th Street. The semi-truck carrying the drinks was found, but the drinks and a trailer were missing. Anyone with information is asked to contact either the FBI Tampa field office. Two-thousand-dollars is being offered as a reward. 

Longtime Syndicated Radio Host Dies In Florida   

(Undated) -- Longtime nationally syndicated radio host Bruce Williams is dead. Williams passed away this weekend at his Florida home. The 86-year-old offered practical financial advice for 30 years. His death comes after a brief illness. Williams was heard on WMMB for a number of years.

Police Looking For Mother Harassing University Students 

(Towson, MD) -- Baltimore police are looking for a mother that reportedly harassed female students in an effort to get someone to date her son. The Towson University Police Department says the women approached at least three women asking them about their interest in her son by showing pictures on a mobile phone at the campus library and arts building. She will not be charged, but authorities just want her to stop. A campus bulletin has been issued in order to help to identify the woman. The department also released two still photos taken from campus security cameras.  

Pot Smoker Finds Overweight Tiger 

(Houston, TX) -- An overweight tiger is being held by animal services after being found by a pot smoker in Texas. Officials say they received a call from a "concerned citizen" who told them they were trying to get into an abandoned Houston home to smoke marijuana but found a tiger inside a small, unlocked cage instead. The tiger was tranquilized before being moved to a local shelter. Although the home was abandoned, packages of meat were found with the large tiger. Experts say it will be tough finding a forever home for the tiger.  


1999 , the Senate acquitted President Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice, ending a 13-month drama that began with the president's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and led to only the second presidential impeachment trial in the US.

1973 , the first group of U.S. prisoners of war were released from North Vietnam.

1973 , the state of Ohio became the first state to post metric distance signs.

1924 , President Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential political speech on radio. 

1909 , the NAACP was founded. 

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