McD's Valentine's Day Threat!

Don’t get overexcited about McDonald’s Valentine’s Day offering.I wouldn’t take ‘em if they offered me a whole bag of the new donut sticks.Rename them funnel cake sticks and we can talk.

While much of the world stands ready to be offended at just about anything, there has been some progress in fighting institutional oppression of speech.One southern grocer just doesn’t care.He’s speaking out no matter what.

What is it with missing persons this week?We have one in Cocoa that has no foul play expected and one in Melbourne that has family and friends concerned.

The legislature is finally hinting at fixing the Stoneman Douglas School Safety law.While other tweaks have been suggested, the fix to the second amendment infringements have been left out of the discussion until now.One representative has gone to the principal’s (House Speaker’s) office over the actions of another rep.She feels bullied.And here I thought she was a state representative and was ready for politics in the nation’s third largest state! Are active shooter drills just another bad offshoot of the school safety act?Some are saying so and we’ll see what you think on BML.


McD’s is NOT doing anyone a favor here

Christian student group wins vs U of Iowa

Offended?Then don’t shop there!


Cocoa woman missing

Man missing from Downtown Melbourne

Finally legislature talking Stoneman Douglas law fixes

State Rep claims another bullied her

Active shooter drills another impact of bad law?

Torres: Why not look at “Murder” cases?

Feral Cats and rabies

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