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Sebring Bank Shooter To Face Death Penalty 

(Sebring,  FL)  -- The suspect in the Sebring bank shooting will be put to death if convicted. The top prosecutor announced this weekend that he'll seek what he calls the ultimate punishment against Zephen Xaver. The 21-year-old is accused of killing five women at a SunTrust Bank in Sebring last month, but there's still no word on a motive. Xaver will be in court for his arraignment in two weeks.   

Teen Killed In Home Invasion 

(Titusville,  FL)  -- A teenager is one of two people dead after an apparent home break-in in Brevard County. Deputies, over the weekend, identified Mims 18-year-old Amir Lynn and Titusville 20-year-old Alvin Smalls as the two men shot to death by a resident last week near Titusville. Deputies say Lynn and Smalls broke into a home on West Court and were shot by one of the residents during a fight. No charges have been announced, but the investigation is ongoing.  

Woman Barges Through Airport Security 

(Orlando,  FL)  -- An Orlando woman is facing charges after a run-in with airport security. Angela McNaughton was arrested last week at Orlando International Airport after police say she barged past a TSA agent at an employee checkpoint. As officers tried to arrest her, they say she hit one officer and refused to comply with their orders. She was Tased and is facing charges that include battery on a law enforcement officer and marijuana possession.  

Woman Rescued After Apparent Abduction 

(Miami,  FL)  -- A woman is safe after an apparent abduction caught on tape in Miami. Police announced last night that the woman is in good condition after video showed her being forced into a car Friday at a tire shop. An employee at the shop on Northwest 36th Street tells CBS 4 News he called 911 when he saw a man repeatedly hit the woman, but they were gone by the time police arrived. No arrests have been announced, but the investigation is ongoing.  

State Fair Underway 

(Tampa,  FL)  -- The Florida State Fair is underway after what one performer calls an awesome weekend. The fair's first weekend at the Fairgrounds in Tampa featured motorcycle stunts, a demolition derby and a show by America's Got Talent's Bello Nock, who is from the area. He tells 10News he's traveled all over the world, but there's nothing like performing for your hometown crowd. The fair runs through next Monday, and besides Nock, you can check out Chinese acrobats and ride in Batman's Batcopter today.  

Google Maps Leads Man Off Cliff 

(Undated) -- An Indonesian truck driver is recovering from injuries after he followed Google Maps, straight off a cliff into a river. The man was hauling a load of rocks last month but wasn't sure how to get to their destination in Bali. He checked Google Maps and started off, not realizing the route suggested was for motorcycles, not trucks. By the time he thought about turning around, the road was too narrow, so he pressed on until his truck stalled and plunged into the river. People nearby were able to rescue the driver, who escaped with relatively mild injuries.  

Texas Clerk Finds An Original Indictment Of Bonnie And Clyde 

(Fort Worth, TX) -- Tarrant County, Texas clerks are holding on to a piece of history. Workers in the clerk's office have been busy scanning old documents so they can be uploaded to the Internet. Clerk Ann Perry looked at one such document and immediately knew it was special. It's an original indictment of Bonnie and Clyde for murdering two lawmen in Grapevine in the 1930s. The notorious bandits met in Dallas before beginning a two-year spree of robberies and killing lawmen that made them infamous. The April 1934 document says Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed two lawmen who had stopped to help a broken-down vehicle in Grapevine. The pair would be killed by officers the following month in Louisiana. 


2013 , Pope Benedict the 16th announced his plans to resign his papacy at the end of the month citing health concerns. In doing so the 85-year-old Pontiff became the first Pope to resign in nearly 600 years.

2006 , adventurer Steve Fossett broke the world record for the longest continuous flight. Fossett spent almost 77 straight hours flying in the specially-designed Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer before making an emergency landing at Bournemouth Airport in England. The 61-year-old Fossett traveled 26-thousand-389 miles.  

1974 , America's motorists suffered through the worst day of the energy crisis. Many gas stations were closed and the others often limited purchases to $3.00 per car. Some reported customer lines up to six miles long. 

1790, the Religious Society of Friends presented a petition to Congress calling for the abolition of slavery. 

1777, Vermont abolished slavery.

1752 , the first American hospital opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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