AAF and Apollos Launch in Exciting Fashion

Busy and fun…a description of what a weekend should be and this past one was.The Alliance of American Football opened its inaugural season on Saturday and, based on what I saw and have read since, they did so in great fashion.I was on hand for the first game of the Orlando Apollos.It’s worth your time and the price of admission.

New Mexico is trying what Washington State tried as far as firearms go.It’s not working in the Southwest either!A Christian college group has won a battle with the University of Iowa.One grocer says if you don’t like the messages on his mailers to not shop his stores.I like this guy.

Daytona Beach has pan-handled the annoying folks in certain parts of the city arresting 15 under its new law.John Torres asks why authorities refuse to look at the “Murder on the Space Coast” convictions.Rabies cases are on the rise and feral cats could be a big part of the problem.

In our final hour we’ll talk the new Scouting in America where both boys and girls can partake of the same programs and the misconceptions we may have as a result.John and Tina Vajanny are involved in scouting and will share the information with us.


Bill’s Monday review of the weekend!

APOLLOS lift off

Orlando/San Antonio carry opening night

It’s not just WA sheriffs

Christian student group wins vs U of Iowa

Offended?Then don’t shop there!


Torres: Why not look at “Murder” cases?

Feral Cats and rabies

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