How Much Tax $ (and in what ways) to protect Kids?

LGBT folks exist.They will continue to no matter anyone’s thoughts on the matter.How we treat each other, in spite of oddities, is important.But, mom, do you have to make a circus of your daughter’s decision to be something else?

How much tax money and in what ways is it right to spend on saving a kid.We have a couple of perspectives.In the 6am hour we’ll talk using tax dollars to pay a kids court fees, even when he was accused of murder.In our 8am hour Bob Gabordi and I seem to be on opposite sides of the CSC being disbanded by the county commission.

In today’s 7am hour Representative Tyler Sirois will give us our weekly legislative update and we’ll talk more of the governor’s and legislature’s ideas as we move ever closer to the 2019 legislative session.


LGBTing a little too far

$2000 in tax dollars too much to save a kid from life of crime?

DeSantis wants new $422m teacher bonus program

Rangel: Freedom of Speech is for all sides

Bob Gabordi and Bill disagree on Children’s Services Council

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