The Potentate of Pot! Florida's Got One!

WAZE is an app that can help you reach a destination without the frustrations of traffic problems and long delays.It can also alert you to police checkpoints and the like.And there’s the problem…or is it?

The View is a great example of the left’s inconsistency.While the rest of the liberals have fits over anyone white even appearing black while acting, much less blackface, the crew on The View celebrated Joy Bahar’s excursion into race transition.

You have been convicted of bribing a local official and accepting millions of taxpayer dollars in return and you’re doing prison time for your crime.The millions are gone as far as anyone can tell.You appeal the conviction and bingo, you’re out on bond.Does this make sense to anyone?Rose Harr is apparently the apple of the court’s eye.

In Tallahassee a revamp of the Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act is underway.Still unaddressed are the 2 nd Amendment infringements that legislators cared little about last February and seem to be giving no attention to now.The legislature is also considering a constitutional amendment to limit terms of local school boards.There are hiccups to address in this idea that is a bad one from the start.We also have Florida’s first Pot Potentate.Holly Bell is the Department of Agriculture’s cannabis director.Who’d have ever thought we would need one?


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