WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: State of the Union Edition

The president delivered the State of the Union address last night.It was the longest since President Clinton (that would be Bill) in 2000.It struck a strong, unifying tone and a challenge to congress to get together and do what’s right for the country.There were times democrats were standing and applauding and times they were afraid to.If you’re like most of the folks who watched it, you have strong approval of the address.If you didn’t watch it…why?Was it because you just don’t like President Trump?Can your opinion of his thoughts be valid if you don’t know what he said?For those of us who did, it wasn’t all good.I saw a blip or two, but overall am impressed with what the president laid out and his challenge to congress.We’ll talk it on today’s show.

Before we get there I have noticed a new litmus test for the president’s judicial nominees.Is it a fair one?I think not, but you may see that differently.In Florida our Supreme Court has changed and those changes are becoming evident in their actions.It’s another positive for Governor Ron DeSantis.

Lastly, it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- what else is on your mind?Get it in front of us today at:



The new litmus test for the president’s court nominees

The change in Florida’s Supreme Court

CBS: 76% of SOTU viewers approved

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