Last week the head of the Florida Family Policy Council called for RPOF Chair FL Senator Joe Gruters to resign.The reason given was that legislation the senator had proposed would have LGBT protections in the workplace that would also allow for discrimination against Christians.Had this actually been the case, it would be good cause for concern.

While the council made accusations, they did not back them up with specifics of how the legislation would allow for said discrimination.It pays to know your stuff and have solid facts if you are going to go after a political figure.For if you don’t and you are called on your stance, it’s your credibility that is on the line.

Gruters laid out the council pretty quickly.He asserted the council deliberately misrepresented the bill and its impact.There are provisions in the bill specifically noting that religious protections in the US and Florida constitutions are not to be violated by the bill.It also includes an exemption for religious corporations and institutions.If this is accurate and the bill survives in this form, the council has wasted its powder on a non issue.

Should the bill be amended in the legislative process and become something akin to the version envisioned by the council, we can revisit it then.Until such time, the council has taken a hit by appearing to use dishonest tactics to fight a bill they don’t like.There may be legitimate reason to fight such a bill, but this simply isn’t one of them.

I would advise the council to do a couple of things.First, make sure your facts are straight before publically going after a legislator or legislation.Second, always and without exception state the honest impact of the bill in question.If you are caught on the other side of that ledger it takes a long time for credibility to return to you, if it ever does.We expect that from an organization that we’d think would share our values.

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