Please Come to Denver

Denver, maybe better known for its legalized marijuana than the Broncos or being The Mile High City, is apparently vying to be Dopetown, USA.Next on the legalization list: psychedelic mushrooms.It brings new meaning to that whole mile high thing, huh?

Maybe you’ve taken those home DNA tests and maybe you’ve found new family members or learned more about your heritage.Would you be surprised if the DBI was learning more about you, too?

Self-driving cars are supposedly the next big thing, but they not be as close as developers would like.The same problems you face in driving are faced by the driverless cars and sometimes they just can’t get past them.

In Brevard the county commission is divided on support for a lagoon enhancement bill and a new tourism chief is on the way.

In Tallahassee the Constitution Revision Commission could be on its way out and the governor continues with strong steps as he backs Guardian funds for schools and scholarships for families on a wait list for their special needs kids.


Denver wants to be Dopetown, USA

Home DNA test results made available to FBI

Self driving cars may be farther away than thought

Commission lagoon support hampered by penalty provision

Brevard gets new tourism chief

CRC could be on its way out

Governor backs GUARDIAN funds for schools

Also says all wait list families get scholarship

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