Restaurants, Blackface and Overreaction

That California restaurant owner who said he’d refuse service to MAGA hat wearers and their supporters has had a change of heart.My question would be: would we dare eat there?It’s not just the left that goes stupid over such things.Some on our side are as bad or worse.

When it comes to all the “blackface” controversy we see, let’s be sure we are talking the same thing.

Downtown Melbourne apparently has a date rape problem and it’s working hard to avoid it.The county wants your input on traffic safety, but I would not look for them to listen.The County Commission fell short of a legislative bill that would bolster the lagoon, mainly over penalties proposed for sewage leaks.Brevard has a new tourism chief and he’s one who is not likely to bail so soon- he’s a native.In Tallahassee the governor is backing more money for school guardian programs.SO far, DeSantis seems to be making all the right moves.

Retired Brevard Judge A. B. Majeed will be with us at 8 and he’s bringing an interesting reenactment to us tomorrow night.He’ll lay out the details and more.


CA restaurateur switches position on MAGA hat customers

Our side gets stupid, too

Blackface buzz: let’s be sure what we are talking about

Downtown Melbourne has a date rape problem

County wants traffic safety input

Commission lagoon support hampered by penalty provision

Brevard gets new tourism chief

Governor backs GUARDIAN funds for schools

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