He's Baaack! Bob Gabordi Returns to BML

As we close our talk week we’ll look at a restaurant that won’t serve you if you’re wearing a MAGA hat, or if you like the guy wearing the MAGA hat!

Barbers, you need to realize most of us don’t think of you as healthcare professionals.While you may wear something like a white lab coat, you perform your duties in the open for all to see.There is no HIPPA for what you do.We are there for a haircut, not a diagnosis!I’d love to be a barber-had the idea since I was a kid.I never wanted to learn to color or style hair, no wash and perm, I’m not even particularly fond of the shaving another guy idea. But having a barber chair or two, some big mirrors, seats around the wall, ESPN on in the corner and a magazine rack with some comic books for the kids have a certain appeal.So shut up and let the governor go on his deregulation tour!

The governor is also hammering Common Core giving Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran a year to come up with new standards.I like the sound of that as well.The House wants to open the insurance market in the state and one representative wants to make the Education Commissioner an elected job.I can get behind that with one IF.Representative Tyler Sirois will join us in hour two to discuss those state issues.

In our final hour I am thrilled that Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is back with us.Bob will retire in a month, but he’s back to work after that November 9 stroke that sidelined him until this week.Well, it would have sidelined him if he had stopped writing while he was in recovery!It’s great to see Bob back in action.And I didn’t realize until last week that Bob is the Tom Brady of Executive Editors.He’s Gannett’s senior guy in that job.It’s appropriate he’s back on Super Bowl weekend.


CA restaurant won’t serve customers in MAGA hats

Barbers go gaga over deregulation

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House wants more free market in health insurance

One representative wants elected Education Commissioner

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