I Hate Driving in Orlando!

Jorge and I went to Orlando yesterday for a company training session.Our Orlando facilities are beautiful and the presentation was spot on.We enjoyed the day…except it was Orlando and we played in traffic all the way home!

Can the truth get you fired?You bet it can!There are a multitude of reasons schools choose not to compete with each other in athletics.We have found a new one!

While John Morgan pushes for a $15/hour minimum wage in Florida, it may be wise to look around at what has happened elsewhere.There was an interesting event in Port St. John this week and there is one answer as to why it happened- drugs.

In Tallahassee the ethics commission has laid out its disbelief of CNN’s new poster boy for losing politician TV commentators Andrew Gillum.The House wants the free market, or something more free than we currently have, in the state’s insurance situation.One state representative wants the Education Commissioner to be elected.I can get behind that, but they need to add Secretary of State to slate!


Tell the truth and get fired? Yep!

School’s reason not to play opponents

John Morgan should read this

Drug addled abduction in PSJ

Guilty Gillum?

House wants more free market in health insurance

One representative wants elected Education Commissioner

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