WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: the ridiculous is sublime!

What do you do when your time in office is over, you’ve lost a statewide race and the state ethics commission has found probable cause to believe you have violated state law?You become a heralded contributor on CNN.They must have missed that news about breaking the law and Andrew Gillum has a new job!

As police worldwide share training and tactics ideas we better hope this trend in England doesn’t travel well.Your thoughts and ideas on social media now net you a call from the cops if someone feels like a victim because of your words.

While we’re at the extremes of idiocy, Snow White should have been left to waste away in the forest.Her inability to consent to the kiss makes her a sexual assault victim- like she would have preferred the never-ending sleep!

Back to social media, we’ve seen this before as elected officials ban detractors from their social media accounts.While maybe lawful (and maybe not), it’s not especially wise politically.

With it being a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, those stories and more keep us talking today on BML.

What’s on your mind?


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