Questions on a Testing Tuesday!

When should cops not uphold a law?  The answer is when that law is unconstitutional.  It’s happening in Washington State.  When does doing the right thing cost you your job?  That answer is when you work for Best Buy.  What good has the #metoo movement done for women?  Little to none is the answer when you consider what must, for self-preservation, be the male reaction.  And we’ll begin our day with:  when should a young mother not go out to dinner with her near toddler?  It’s a day of questions and answers on BML.  And those are only the beginning.

The state legislature is proposing ideas for education you’ll like.  Susan Bucher won’t appeal her suspension and has resigned.  The new Secretary of State for Florida is a judge.  The ethics commission has found probable cause in the Andrew Gillum case.  The Senate moves toward smokable marijuana and a state conservative activist is calling for the head of the RPOF to resign after the GOP leader filed a bill containing LGBT protections in employment.

Welcome to Tuesday!


WA police uphold their oaths, not the new law

Do the right thing, lose a job

Has #metoo set back women?

FL education: alternative theories proposed

Bucher won’t fight governor’s suspension

We have a new Secretary of State

Corruption corner: PC found in Gillum case

Senate moves: if ya got ‘em, smoke ‘em

Conservative activist calls for resignation of RPOF Chair over LGBT bill

Meghan McCain no longer a Republican

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