"Medical" Marijuana & the Brevard Teacher

Is there such a thing as addiction to the internet?  if so, is there a treatment?  We’ll explore those ideas in our first hour.

A Brevard teacher has been fired for medical marijuana use.  The District has a drug free workplace policy.  How should this one fall?

The government shutdown is over, for now.  What’ was impacted by it?  We have a look.  Surprise! Meghan McCain is not a Republican.  Somehow she thinks this is news.

Last week the county commission voted to shut down the Children’s Services Council.  The council is fighting back the only way they know how…lawsuit.

While most of us were thrilled that Andrew Gillum fell short in his run for governor, we were also worried about his lack of ethics and potentially unlawful behavior.  The State Ethics Commission agrees and has found probable cause that Gillum has, in fact, violated ethics laws.

Welcome to the start of our talk week!


Internet addiction real, treatable?

BPS fires teacher who used “medical” marijuana

Things impacted by the shutdown

The shutdown is over- for now

Meghan McCain no longer a Republican

Children’s Services Council says suit is coming

Corruption corner: PC found in Gillum case

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