The Unforgivable Social Sin

Baltimore is a violent city.  They want their school cops unarmed when they enter the building and they are.  I would not be a Baltimore school cop.

Florida’s new Secretary of State Mike Ertel, who had been an excellent Supervisor of Elections in Seminole County, has resigned.  Halloween photos of Ertel in blackface have surfaced and in a world where socially unpardonable acts have no statute of limitations, there was nothing else Ertel could do. 

Governor DeSantis is getting accolades from many corners early in his administration.  He seems to be on a positive roll. Will it continue?  Time will tell.

State Representative Tyler Sirois has been in Tallahassee for another committee week as legislation for the upcoming session is slowly revealing itself.  We’ll get an update from Tyler in our 7am hour.

In our final hour today Florida Today Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel joins us.  We learned Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is retiring at the end of next month.  We’ll get Isadora’s perspectives on the changing of the guard at the county’s newspaper of record.


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