MICKnuggets: 01.22-25.19

01.22.19- Taxes and Charities


In Tuesday’s County Commission meeting Chair Kristine Isnardi took on the Children’s Services Council which had sought a referendum on additional property taxes to fund their chosen groups that provide services in Brevard.


That, in essence, would extract tax dollars from property owners and turn the spending over to an appointed board as opposed to elected officials.  It becomes, then, taxation without representation.


In response, Isnardi is proposing to enact an ordinance that repeals the authorization from 1990 that created the CSC.


For any group to believe it is entitled to the public’s tax dollars without the oversight of the officials elected by that public is the height of hubris. 


While their causes may be just, keeping taxation and government spending under control and focused on government priorities is a challenge as is. 


It’s worse when there is no elected oversight.




01.23.19- You Pick It- Where to Hold the State of the Union


While the president and house speaker snip at each other maybe the rest of us should weigh in on where to hold the State of the Union Address.  We did this Wednesday on Bill Mick LIVE and the potential locations were interesting, if not necessarily considerate of climate.


For the most part we seem to believe the speech should stay in Washington, DC.  It is, after all, the center of our government.  It’s also where most of the officials that normally attend are easily accommodated.


Some suggested the Lincoln Memorial if the House chambers are not to be available.  But, DC is cold in January and a night time address would likely be miserable for all in attendance.  I thought of the Capital Center or the Kennedy Center, both more than adequate to the task.


Some wanted to move it to the border or somewhere in Middle America. 


Rest assured the State of the Union will happen, no matter where, with or without the invitation from Nancy Pelosi.




01.24.19- Ummmm, Never Mind


While we were abuzz with discussion over where and how to hold the State of the Union somewhere other than the House chambers, the president and speaker of the house decided it was unnecessary.


While Speaker Nancy Pelosi dug in and refused the idea of a joint resolution to invite the president to the House, the president reconsidered pressing on and continuing the battle of words and tweets with Pelosi.


I, for one, am relieved.  It’s about time this useless “tit for tat” public display of “I know you are, but what am I?” came to an end.


These people are elected officials of the beacon of freedom in the world.  A bit of statesmanship would take them all a long way.


Now, if they would just get behind closed doors, no media, and hash out border security in whatever form and finally do something right for the American people it would be great.


Let’s put the childishness behind us.




01.25.19- The Unforgivable Social Sin


Secretary of State Mike Ertel is out.  The former Seminole County Supervisor of Elections, an outstanding choice for the top elections job, was forced to resign from the position after a photo surfaced of him in blackface at a 2005 Halloween party.


While the statute of limitations would have expired had this been any number of actual crimes, fourteen years ago Ertel made a social mistake that lives forever.


There is no forgiveness for such things and the penalty is harsh.  Yes, Ertel was a PR professional before his public service days and maybe he should have known better, but the state of Florida is the real loser here.


Ertel, with insider knowledge and on the ground experience as Seminole’s SOE, was set to make a big difference in a state where a big difference and leadership are needed in our elections process.


I’m sad for Mike Ertel.  I’m even sadder for rest of us who have lost an opportunity to see great leadership in the Secretary of State’s office.

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