All the Best, Bob! Gabordi Retiring from Florida Today

I’m glad my friend Bob Gabordi is recovering from his stroke.  I’m sad he will be retiring from his post as Executive Editor at Florida Today.  Bob and I have shared lots of time on the radio and some interesting and fun discussions on and off air.  We share a love of baseball and of respectful discussion on issues that matter.  He worked in my native West Virginia and likely yelled at me a time or two as I was umpiring Marshall University baseball during his stint in the Mountain State.  I’m glad Bob and his family will be staying in Brevard.  Hopefully we’ll find a baseball game to attend together before long.  He says he’s retiring because there are things he hopes to do that working life just doesn’t allow for.  I get that.  I wish him the best as he pursues whatever is ahead.

Should women be required to register for the draft? says it’s under consideration.  Congratulations, you’ve come a long way, baby!

Nancy Pelosi put her foot down on and will not invite the president to deliver the State of the Union while the partial government shutdown is under way.  The president has said he’ll wait until it’s over rather than seek an alternative.  You have good ideas yesterday on what the president could do.  What do you think now?

Amendment 4 is causing concern in Tallahassee where the legislature and staff can’t figure out a definition for “murder.”  Also in Tallahassee, LGBT groups have split over legislation they can’t get through and what they can.  Apparently little steps are not enough for some activists and that’s causing the division.

In a positive bit of news it looks like bundling of issues in constitutional amendments could be out.  In what could be better news, the Constitution Revision Commission could be on its way out as well!


We’re going to miss Bob Gabordi

Florida Today in capable hands

Women and the draft…it’s being considered

Pelosi won’t allow SOTU

President postpones until after the shutdown

Amendment 4 confounding legislature/staff

LGBT groups split over issues at play in Tallahassee

Bundling could be out, so might the CRC!

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