WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Viera, Tallahassee, DC

The Parkland commission is highlighting the major problem in protecting our schools: the unwillingness of school boards across the state to do so.

John Morgan has an amendment to make $15/hour the minimum wage in Florida.  Is it a distraction tactic for the recreational marijuana he wants?

Brevard’s County Commission has voted to disband the Children’s Services Council.

The president has nominated 51 people to the federal bench.  There is the expected backlash.

President Trump is also making State of the Union plans that may not include the House Chambers.

The Supreme Court is taking on a 2nd Amendment case out of New York City.

Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is retiring and News Director Mara Bellaby is taking his role.

Those are the stories on my mind, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…we’ll turn it over to you when you call us today at 321-768-1240…so, what’s it to be?


Parkland commission: ARM THE STAFF…NOW!

$15/hour amendment- thanks to John Morgan

(more detail on $15/hour)

Commission vote: disband Children’s Services Council

Trump nominates 51 jurists…2 for the 9th Circuit

State of the Union plans underway…may exclude House Chambers

Supremes take on 2nd Amendment case

We’re going to miss Bob Gabordi

Florida Today in capable hands

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