Mick's Morning News: 01.22.19

Grandparents Want Grandkids To Be Aware Of King's Legacy (Cocoa, FL) -- Those who lived in the times of Doctor Martin Luther King want to make sure the next generation understands his legacy. At yesterday's MLK Day event in Cocoa, some grandparents were in attendance with their grandkids. The grandmother of a six-year-old hopes her granddaughter understands how much changed because of King. A grandfather of three tells Florida Today he wishes more white people would celebrate King's legacy because poor whites benefited from the civil rights era, as well.

Man Hurt In Melbourne Shooting (Melbourne, FL) -- A man is hurt after a shooting near a school in Brevard County. It happened Saturday in Melbourne at the Jasmine Cove Apartments on University Boulevard. The complex is near Stone Junior High School and a library. The 31-year-old victim is expected to survive, and a search is underway for the shooter.

Bucher To Fight For Her Job (West Palm Beach, FL) -- A fight for her job is also a fight for democracy and justice. That's what Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher said yesterday. She and supporters rallied outside her office after Governor Ron DeSantis suspended her last week. He claims she failed to comply with state laws following November's election. Bucher promised to fight her suspension, which she says is without merit after years of serving with honesty and integrity.

USF-St. Pete Accidentally Accepts Hundreds Of Applicants (St. Petersburg, FL) -- Human error is being blamed for a mistake that has affected hundreds of prospective college students. USF-St. Pete announced yesterday that it accepted over 400 applicants by mistake. The school says it was dismayed to learn about 430 acceptance emails were mistakenly sent this weekend. The school also says it understands the distress such a mistake can cause, and it is taking immediate steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Legoland Announces New Hotel (Winter Haven, FL) -- Legoland is taking steps to keep visitors in Polk County longer. The attraction announced this weekend that it will build a third hotel on its property in Winter Haven. The Pirate Island Hotel will have 150 rooms when it opens next year, and the pirate theme will include beds for kids shaped like boats. The company says there has been an increased demand for more overnight accommodations, and surveys showed the pirate theme would be a popular one.

Police Officer Runs Over People Watching Lunar Eclipse (West Palm Beach, FL) -- A West Palm Beach police officer is on administrative leave while a strange incident is being investigated. It happened last night, when two people were lying in a dark roadway to watch the lunar eclipse. The officer did not see them and ran them over with his SUV. They were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Bud Light To Buy Free Beer For City That Wins Super Bowl (Undated) -- Bud Light is continuing it's new tradition of buying beer for the city that wins the Super Bowl. The beer company said whichever city wins Super Bowl 53 will also win a whole lot of free beer. The tradition started last year when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. This year the Los Angeles Rams will face off against the New England Patriots in Atlanta on February 3rd.


2009, in one of his first official acts as Commander-in-Chief, President Obama signed orders to close the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba within a year. Obama also set policies on interrogation of suspects and set up a special task force.

1998, Theodore Kaczynski pled guilty to being the Unabomber. His multi-year mail bombing spree left several people dead and many others injured. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

1997, the Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the nation's first female secretary of state.

1973, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in the Roe versus Wade case. The justices ruled the Constitution allows women the right to an abortion.

1879, James Shields took the oath of office as U.S. Senator from Missouri, becoming the first person to serve as Senator for three different states. He had previously served as U.S. Senator from Illinois and Minnesota.

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