Football, Foolishness and Politics

Both NFL playoff games this weekend went into overtime.  There is a good argument that at least one of them should not have, but we have the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.  There is a local connection to the game and some flak directed at Gladys Knight for agreeing to sing the national anthem at the game. 

Counterfeiting is a federal crime.  It’s normally investigated by the Secret Service.  What happens when the bills are passed in an elementary school?  The New Mexico Legislature has gone stupid and so has California’s.  In fact it could be a close race to determine which is worse.

Here at home County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi has a good proposal to eliminate the Children Services Council.  They’ll take it on in today’s county commission meeting.  The governor has suspended the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections and withdrawn Governor Scott’s last minute appointments. 

A member of Congress wants to ban kid from wearing MAGA hats, as if he actually could.


Local Super Bowl connection is a great one

Gladys Knight gets grief for Super Bowl Anthem

Kid Counterfeiter?

New Mexico Sheriffs barred from legislature

More government going stupid

ISNARDI- Eliminate Children Services Council 

Palm Beach SOE suspended by governor

Governor withdraws Scott’s last minute appointments

House Dem calls for MAGA hat ban

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