New Year- New Cause; Defiant Technology and Family is Controversial

Toxic Masculinity seems to be the cause of the New Year.  In addition to Gillette’s attack on its customer base, PETA and Penn State are piling on.  To top that off Alexa is refusing commands, New Hampshire is about to run off its cops and at Google FAMILY is a controversial term.

We are seeing solutions that aren’t really solutions being proposed for the opioid problem.  We will continue the sham of non-partisan local elections and the State Board of Education wants to see fixed what Richard Corcoran’s Speakership in the Florida House broke.  Is Corcoran as Florida’s new education head a help or hindrance there?

Welcome to our Thursday on BML!


PETA jumps back into “Toxic Masculinity” discussion

Penn State editors claim female athletes are hyper-masculine

Alexa ignoring user commands

New Hampshire about to run off cops

At Google FAMILY is controversial

The opioid problem: presenting non-solutions

Nonpartisan sham to continue in local elections

State Board of Education meets, talks school safety

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