Mick's Morning News: 01.17.19

Gun Found In Orange County School  (Windermere, FL) -- Some parents are concerned about a discovery made in an Orange County school. A loaded gun was found last week at First Baptist Church Windermere's Child Development Center. The mother of a student found the gun in a hallway. One parent tells Channel 9 she has since pulled her son out of the school because of safety concerns. Police say the gun belongs to a church employee who didn't realize his holster had fallen off his ankle.

New Broward Sheriff Making Changes  (Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- The new Broward County sheriff is already making changes. This week, Gregory Tony promoted four veterans to important command positions, and he dismissed one high ranking officer who had already been suspended by former Sheriff Scott Israel. Israel was suspended by Governor Ron DeSantis last week due to accusations his deputies mishandled the Parkland school shooting.

Brevard Airport Employees Forced To Resign  (Titusville, FL) -- Two Brevard County airport employees are out of a job after being forced to resign. The Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority revealed this week that two men were accused of misusing airport equipment and keeping money made from selling surplus items. No criminal charges have been filed. The two were given the option of a hearing or resigning, and they chose to resign.

DeSantis Supports Review Of Pinellas Child Welfare System  (Tallahassee, FL) -- The governor promises those responsible for what he calls a tragedy will be held accountable. Ron DeSantis responded yesterday after DCF released a report into the death last year of Largo two-year-old Jordan Belliveau. The report blames child welfare workers for not seeing warning signs that Belliveau was in danger while with his biological parents. DeSantis says he supports a comprehensive assessment of the Pinellas County child welfare system.

Farm Stand Brought To Court Over Noise Complaint  (Lutz, FL) -- A Hillsborough County farmer believes a neighbor is threatening his livelihood. A man who lives near the Bearss Groves farm stand is complaining about excessive noise coming from exhaust fans at the greenhouse. Bearss Groves owner Barry Lawrence says he's being fined 200 dollars a day, which could put him out of business. The dispute was the subject of a court hearing yesterday, and Lawrence tells ABC Action News this is another example of urban sprawl destroying farms.

Majority Of Young Adults Unable To Identify Tire Pressure Light  (Undated) -- Young adults are more familiar with emojis than the tire pressure warning lights in their cars. A survey by Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires found that only 51-percent of millennials and Generation Z were able to identify the warning light telling them one of their tires is underinflated. That's compared to 88-percent who able to identify the eye roll emoji. The study found that 39-percent of all drivers couldn't recognize the tire warning symbol.

Officer Tickets Driver For Honking At Them  (Auburn, MA) -- A woman in Massachusetts who received a traffic citation for honking at a police officer is fighting back. Stephanie Kelly says an officer in an unmarked vehicle pulled out in front of her, forcing her to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting them. She blasted her horn, consequently leading her to get pulled over. The officer was allegedly pursuing another car, but wrote a noise ticket for excessive and unnecessary use of the horn for honking at him. The officer told his superiors she flipped him off from behind the wheel, but the accusation is not in any report and Kelley denies the claim. The police chief says the ticket is within the officer's professional discretion, but Kelley says she will keep fighting the 55-dollar fine.


2006, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could not stop Oregon's assisted suicide law. The court voted six-to-three that the government can't prevent doctors from helping terminally ill patients in Oregon end their lives.

1977, convicted murderer Gary Gilmore was killed by firing squad in Utah.

1916, the Professional Golf Association was formed in New York City.

1871, the cable car was patented by Andrew Smith Hallidie of San Francisco, California.

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