The Entitlement Police- one Ohio girl thought her town had them.  She got a wake up when the cops arrived.  What would you have done in the cop’s shoes?  Looks like weren’t alone in taking exception to Gillette’s new “toxic masculinity” ad campaign.  Ever take your dog to the store?  Ever tired of seeing non-working dogs in stores?  We have a couple of related stories.

Be the cop #2: a Volusia Deputy has been reassigned over how he handled a possible gun on campus call.  HE was already dealing with a subject with a mental disorder.  What would you have done?

From toxic masculinity to white privilege, the latter was dropped on a CNN guest and his comeback was the best you could imagine.

For years Keith from Palm Bay has advocated practical math classes for our high school kids.  A Florida legislator has taken up the call.

Each year the Brevard School Board meets with the Brevard legislative delegation prior to the session.  This year they met with the interested members of the delegation and laid out their desires from the legislature this year.

It’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…you aren’t restricted to these topics today.  What’s on YOUR mind?


Be the cop #1: Quick- call the entitlement police!

We are not alone- Gillette getting flak for ad

Enough of the take the dog along idea

Service Dog, Therapy Dog or Pet?

Be the cop #2: Put on the cop’s shoes…what would you have done?

CNN legal analyst drops “white privilege” bomb on guest- guest is black!

Keith’s class proposed for FL schools

Brevard Schools meet with INTERESTED members of the Brevard Delegation

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